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Choosing The Right Real Estate Agent

When hiring a real estate agent and brokerage to sell your home, it is imperative that you choose wisely in order to sell your home for top dollar. This is arguably the most important decision you can make as it truly can be the difference between your property selling for a top dollar price or an under market value sales outcome, especially when the market conditions are more challenging and transitioning towards a Buyer's market.

It is a true statement that your home in most cases is not only a personal and emotional asset, but it is also your most valuable asset in which the outcome of the sale can have huge financial impacts in your future. Unlike selling a stock or other highly liquid investments, selling a home has various nuances and subtleties that require seasoned real estate professionals with tons of experience selling luxury homes to get the job done successfully for their clients. Some of these nuances are including but not limited to marketing and advertising, pre-listing renovations and remodeling guidance, internet and online exposure, staging, professional photography and videography, virtual walk through, marketing timing and conditions, pricing, negotiation, and navigating escrow processes.

From pre-listing renovation services to marketing and selling your home, Hollywood Estates is truly a one stop shop luxury brokerage that generates successful results for their clients. Our experience in both real estate development and sales of luxury homes in the Hollywood Hills and Greater Los Angeles Area has helped achieve record breaking results for our clients on numerous occasions.

When considering Hollywood Estates for the sale of your home, expect legendary.


Facilitating Cosmetic Improvements If Necessary

Especially in more challenging market conditions, it is imperative that your home stands out in its best light in order to achieve its maximum sale price or even sell at all.

In many instances, especially with houses with deferred maintenance, lack of professional staging, and more dated features, we have seen these homes either expire on the market or receive offers at undesirable prices that either the seller doesn’t want or is forced to take due to financial hardships and challenges. However, when these clients facilitate pre listing renovations to make their homes better equipped for a successful sale, they typically have successful results with this endeavor.

Through Hollywood Estates, we have extensive experience when it comes to renovating properties in the Hollywood Hills and Los Angeles area. As developers themselves, Oliver & RC Thornton understand what types of improvements to homes generate the most return on investment for the asset as well as have the Rolodex of vendors, laborers, and subcontractors to successfully and cost effectively execute these renovations.

In addition to Oliver & RC’s extensive background in development and renovations to homes in the Hollywood Hills and Los Angeles area, they have developed partnerships with two companies (REVIVE and Freemodel) in which they can facilitate pre listing renovations for their clients at no upfront costs, fees, or interest in which the cost of the pre listing renovations is deferred until the close of escrow. This enables clients who do not have the upfront funds to facilitate pre-listing renovations to their homes and reimburse the costs until their house is sold.


Preparing Your Listing For A Successful Launch

When listing a home for sale, the first 3 weeks on market is the most critical time for generating exposure on a home. These first 3 weeks can be the difference between a home receiving multiple offers and a hassle free sale or heading towards a path of lingering on the market.

At Hollywood Estates, we do not take pre-listing preparation lightly and ensure that all of our listings hit a minimum check list of deliverables including but not limited to professional photography (daytime & twilight), professional videography (daytime & twilight), 3D virtual scanning, professionally written listing descriptions, market review for identifying best pricing to go on market, professional staging if applicable, finalization of pre-listing renovations if applicable, coming soon teasers to personal sphere, and preparation of social media posts, email blasts and drip campaigns, and digital marketing and banner advertisements.

By going the extra mile with our pre-listing preparation, we ensure that our clients receive the best results on their listing launch and eventual sale.


Listing Exposure Everywhere All At Once

When our listings go live on the market for sale, we ensure that our listings have a sense of omnipresence so that viewers are seeing our listings from various marketing channels and touches.

Our marketing suite hits various channels including but not limited to Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, E-Mail inboxes via email newsletters and property shoutouts along with drip campaigns, digital marketing banner ads, Google SEO and AdWords, print marketing (postcards mailed to residences, brochures and flyers at open houses, etc), syndication to all major real estate marketplaces (Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, Compass, etc) domestically and internationally, press opportunities when applicable, and text / cold call campaigns.

The content utilized in these various marketing channels is all based off of the professional photography, videography, and content that we produce for our listings along with content created alongside influencers, other real estate professionals, etc to ensure that we generate higher click through and visibility rates from potential buyers as possible.

By having a sense of being everywhere all at once, our listings experience a level of exposure that many other listing agents can replicate, thus generating more profitable and successful sales outcomes for our listings than most of our competitors.


Strategic Adaptations To Listing Based On Market Feedback

Depending on market conditions and market feedback on a listing, it is imperative that the proper adjustments are made timely to ensure that a listing does not become stale and start chasing down the market.

Through market synthesis, we in real time are gathering micro and macro information in our market including but not limited to reviewing weekly/monthly properties in the area going into contract and at what cadence (ex: within 45-60 days on market, etc), recent sale comps, feedback from showings, broker price opinions, analyzing interest rates, local hindrances (ex: Writers Strike, Measure ULA, etc), and weekly traffic on a listing to ensure that we have a full understanding of what is going on around our listing. By doing this level of synthesis, we can make more intelligent decisions whether it is advisable to make a price reduction or adjustments to the listing to help the home get sold more expeditiously.


Negotiating The Best Price And Terms For Your Listing

When we receive an offer, it is imperative that we understand the Buyer's degree of interest, their financial position, their urgency to move into the home, the current status of our listing, and other factors to ensure that we understand where our leverage is during the negotiation process.

In many instances, especially in more challenging markets where Buyers have more leverage, we may initially see an offer at prices and terms that aren't as desirable or on the surface "non-starters" for our clients. However, by understanding the negotiation process thoroughly and the persona of the Buyer, approaching the negotiation process and the counter offers that come with it in the right manner can be the difference between the Buyer coming up to agreeable terms or the offer dying and having to find another buyer willing to pay what the previous Buyer would have been willing to pay.

Through countless transactions, Oliver and RC have developed invaluable experience in these negotiations that has enabled them to create rabbit out of a hat outcomes for their clients that many other agents would have failed to capitalize on.


Navigating and Keeping The Buyer Engaged In Escrow

Once your home is in escrow, you will have to navigate various stages such as inspections, appraisals and loan processes if the buyer is securing financing with a loan or appraisal contingency, seller disclosures, and potential request for repair negotiations.

There are many different reasons as to why a buyer can back out of a purchase and if they have contingencies still in tact they have the ability to cleanly cancel the transaction. It is imperative that you hire listing agents who know how to keep transactions together whenever there are challenges that arise such as unfavorable inspection and appraisal reports, hiccups in financing, or the dozens if not hundreds of other scenarios that can arise.

Especially when it comes to request for repairs, working with listing agents who understand the scope of realistic costs for items discovered helps with defensibility on buyers asking for larger credits than warranted. Also, there are some scenarios where buyers don’t want credits at all and prefer the work completed by the seller, in which it is imperative that you work with listing agents who have a Rolodex of vendors, contractors, etc who can facilitate the work.



Once the transaction has recorded and the escrow has closed, you can celebrate!

Over the course of our careers, we helped hundreds of clients get to the closing table. Almost every client has provided us with a 5-star review and in many instances we have worked with the same clients on multiple occasions.

We take pride in our representation and are confident that we can generate you a successful outcome for the sale of your home. If you would like a free property valuation and proposal for your home, feel free to reach out to us at anytime!



Learn more about how we utilize innovative marketing via physical, print, and digital marketing channels to generate local exposure for our listings.



Learn more about how we utilize innovative marketing via physical, print, and digital marketing channels to generate global exposure for our listings.



Through our partners REVIVE and Freemodel, we have the capability of providing the upfront costs at 0% interest to prepare a home for market through services including but not limited to professional staging, cosmetic renovations, and certain structural improvements. Sellers do not pay for these services until they close escrow. Consult with us today to learn more about this exceptional offering.




When working with Hollywood Estates, expect to receive top-dollar results on the sale of your Hollywood Hills or Los Angeles Home. Consult with us today for a free listing valuation and presentation.