Selecting Your Agent

Conduct a Needs Analysis

When preparing to purchase a home, it is imperative that you work with a high quality real estate agent who understands the neighborhoods you are interested in along with having exceptional negotiation skills, sourcing off-market properties, and most importantly being trustworthy throughout the process. In cases where you are buying a fixer property, development opportunity, or want to plan to do various cosmetic improvements, working with an agent who has development experience is highly advisable.

Not only have we facilitated dozens if not hundreds of real estate purchases for our clients, but we have purchased and developed nearly 20 properties in the Hollywood Hills and surrounding LA neighborhoods. This has provided us with a level of experience on buyer representation that is unmatched with nearly all other agents as we can provide white-glove style representation all while providing our clients with affordable and high quality laborers that can help with any of our clients proposed renovations.

Securing Competitive Financing

Get Your Finances in Order

For buyers who are planning to purchase a home with financing, it is extremely important that you work with a lender who can provide competitive rates, is accessible and communicative, and has the ability to secure financing confidently based on your financial background, credit score, and annual income.

Through our experience representing hundreds of buyers and purchasing property ourselves, we have developed an extensive rolodex of lenders in all financing tiers including but not limited to conventional lenders, non-QM lenders, stated income lenders, construction financing lenders, and hard money financing. This has allowed us to provide our clients with top quality lender sources that we have vetted and recommended in which they can secure competitive financing based on their financial criteria.

Finding Your Home

Shop for A Home

During your home search process, we will work tirelessly to locate properties in your neighborhoods and areas of interest that are both on the market as well as off the market. Through our agent connections as well as relationships with many sellers throughout the Hollywood Hills and LA area, we have the ability to uncover many off market opportunities that may be the perfect fit for our buyers.

In addition to traditional home search processes, we will be able to help with analyzing comparable sold properties to help our buyers understand the current value of their home, facilitate agent previews of a home, and dozens of other degrees of support to where our clients feel at ease throughout this process.

Offer Submission

Make an Offer and Negotiate

You’ve found “the one” and you’re ready to make an offer! We’ll help you formulate a fair, data-driven purchase offer based on in-depth market analysis, and draw up the purchase agreements. Then, we’ll leverage smart negotiating skills to guide you through contingencies and ensure you don’t spend any more than you need to. And, should things not work out with one offer, we’ll be ready with a game plan for the next.

Navigating the Escrow Process

Conduct a Property Inspection

Once we have your home purchase in escrow, we will help navigate you through the various contingency phases. This is including but not limited to setting up inspectors for the home, meeting appraisers, vendors, and other third party service providers at the house, reviewing permit information online, reviewing inspection reports, retrieving status updates from your lender, contractor site visits if applicable, negotiating a request for repairs for the property, and reviewing disclosures on the property.

In addition to our experience navigating hundreds of buyers through the escrow process, our extensive experience as real estate developers has made us a quality asset for buyers who are analyzing development opportunities or want to facilitate improvements to the property that they are purchasing. We have the ability to thoroughly understand construction plan sets, costs and timeline of construction, navigating design review boards, have access to quality laborers, contractors, and vendors who can facilitate projects cost effectively and at ease.

Securing Loan Approval

Get Final Financing Approval

This part can get complicated, but we know from experience how to keep the crucial final stages of loan approval from becoming overwhelming. We’ll regularly monitor the progress of your transaction and keep you fully aware of unexpected funds that might be expected from you. We’ll also work with your lender to make sure all the necessary paperwork is complete as we move closer to a smooth closing.

Ringing the Closing Bell

Congratulate Yourself on Your New Home!

Making it through escrow can seem like a mountain of details but the view from the top is worth it. Expect to sign a ton of paperwork before you get there, and we’ll hold your hand through every step of the process. A few days before closing, we’ll conduct a final walk-through, and then, once both parties sign closing statements, the keys are yours and we’ll celebrate your new home and your new life!

1951 Hillcrest | Poch Blanco
2302 Camden | Taylor & Lauren Shapiro
2827 Las Alturas | Mia Shen
7212 Mulholland | Jorge Dalinger
13105 Venice | Collin Black
2501 Apollo | Alaap  Parikh
933 Enchanted Way | Mark & Jenny McTizic
Thornton and Thornton was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful all throughout the process of selling my two properties and purchasing my dream home. Not only did they sell my properties for top dollar, but they saved me $800,000 on my purchase. Highly recommended, love these guys!

— 1951 Hillcrest | Poch Blanco

Oliver & RC Thornton were beyond exceptional in their performance selling our WeHo home and helping us move into 2302 Camden. Admittedly, were were many forces out of our control in both transactions due to COVID-19 delays that caused some turbulence in the transaction but Oliver and RC were there to help us navigate the storm to a successful outcome. Not only did we get our Camden home for $140,000 unde...

— 2302 Camden | Taylor & Lauren Shapiro

Working with Thornton and Thornton was such a seamless process. Everything from identifying the property to the escrow process and beyond was so smooth. They even helped with sourcing an insurance broker and a furniture designer to help streamline our on-boarding process with the new house. We are now in our dream home and could not be happier!

— 2827 Las Alturas | Mia Shen

I had been looking for a project to renovate and sell in the Hollywood Hills area and was having so much trouble finding one that would generate a lucrative outcome for me. When working with Oliver & RC, they were able to find me an incredible project within one week of searching where I bought this property for roughly $400 a foot with views and a pool. I was thrilled to work with Oliver & RC and I look...

— 7212 Mulholland | Jorge Dalinger

Oliver & RC were true professionals in my home search. Although we had lost in several multiple offer situations, they still remained optimistic and motivated to help me find another home in this competitive market. Not only did they help me secure an epic home, but they saved me almost $90,000 off the purchase price as well. In addition to that, they helped facilitate renovations to the house which made...

— 13105 Venice | Collin Black

As an investor from New York, I had limited knowledge of the LA real estate market however I knew that I wanted to invest into this market. I was connected with Oliver who was beyond informative of the LA marketplace, especially in the Hollywood Hil ls where I decided that this was where I wanted to invest. Within 2 weeks, Oliver found me an off market project well under market value in Mount Olympus tha...

— 2501 Apollo | Alaap Parikh

To say the least, these guys kick ass. We had been searching for a home with our previous realtor for about 9 months with no luck. We had then met Thornton & Thornton at a party and decided to give them a shot. Within 3 months, they were able to find us our home. Better yet , they helped us win in a multiple offer against 5 other parties. Now we are doing some last minute touch -ups with some of Thornton...

— 933 Enchanted Way | Mark & Jenny McTizic

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