Silver Lake has become the epitome of youthful and hip living in Los Angeles.

Welcome to Silver Lake
At the junction of creative and cool
Silver Lake has become the epitome of youthful and hip living in Los Angeles. Nestled between Los Feliz and Echo Park, Silver Lake offers residents a variety of housing options. Home to a wealth of significant properties, Silver Lake prides itself on its architecture, high level of design and the diverse, creative people that make up the fabric of the community. Throughout the hills you will find mid-century-modern gems, epic haciendas, quaint bungalows, and rapid developments of small lot subdivisions and condominium projects.
Inside Tip: Silver Lake is two words. Always Dope.
The Neighbors
Artsy/creative types, youthful, and innovators.
By the year, you are seeing more youthful, millennial, and artsy type of residents start to move into Silver Lake. Within close proximity to Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) and Hollywood, there is a mixed bag of entertainment and music professionals, fashionistas who work in the fashion district of DTLA, cannabis entrepreneurs, and other downtown Los Angeles professionals who want to avoid feeling like they are living in New York-like setting of DTLA 24/7.
What To Expect
Lots of activities, great food and coffee shops, and artsy personalities.
Los Feliz’s hip, hyperlocal boutiques and restaurants draw Angelenos from all over the city. If they don’t come for the ample brunch options or classic nightlife outposts, they come for Griffith Park’s staggering views of the city.
The Lifestyle
Hipster but trendy and youthful.
Grab one of the best coffees in town at either Sunset Junction or Silver Lake Blvd. Take your dog, children, or yourself for a stroll along the Silver Lake Reservoir. Go out to some amazing dive bars and live music shows with your friends. Silver Lake provides a high quality lifestyle for those who embrace it. There is a hippy and youthful energy to it that drives creatives and younger professionals to want to embrace it. If you want to get a wild night on the town you can jump in a car or uber and head towards Sunset Strip or the Hollywood flats to hit the hottest nightclubs and bars or venture out towards Downtown LA for sports games, high quality food, and other forms of entertainment.
The Market
Bungalow style homes and rapid development of condominiums, small lot subdivisions, and single family residences.
Over the last 5-10 years the real estate market has thrived in Silver Lake. By the year you are seeing more and more developers and remodelers venture out here to do projects in all shapes and forms. Within Silver Lake and some of the adjacent neighborhoods to it in East LA, there has been a lot of small lot subdivision, multi-family, and condominium developments that have taken place. You have also seen a lot of single family developers enter the area and develop homes between $1-4M that have been flying off the shelves. 
You’ll Fall In Love With
Silver Lake residents fall in love with everything about the area from the boutique stores and coffee shops, trendy bars, and strolls along the Silver Lake Reservoir. If you are feeling like hitting an epic night on the town, you can get to Sunset Strip or DTLA in less than 15 minutes.
People and Lifestyle
Very cool people eating very good food and drinking very good coffee is the norm in Silver Lake. An incredible range of eateries, coffee houses, bars and shops line Sunset Boulevard and Silver Lake Boulevard. Whether you are looking for vegan fare, street tacos or a plate of freshly shucked oysters, Silver Lake will not disappoint. Artists, bohemians and families looking for a fun community with great schools make their way to Silver Lake. Check out the reservoir which has a very popular 2.5 mile jogging loop and a fenced-in dog park. Write your screenplay at Intelligentsia at Sunset Junction surrounded by many other coffee drinkers typing away on their laptops. With a great walk score, this vibrant community is quite accessible from the neighborhoods. It’s a colorful, quirky part of town with a whimsical attitude.

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